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About the project «E-toile»

Project «Mobile language teaching: Active pedagogy in teaching Russian as a foreign language for adults in Europe» - acronym «E-toile» is a project about mobile training for teachers and trainers of Russian language in Europe as well as a programme of courses for adult learners studying Russian.

This project suggests a new way to provide training based on the pedagogy of active stimulation of knowledge and exchange of good practice.

This multi-stakeholder partnership aims to create a new profile of mobile training that will reach out to the public concerned, living in major cities as well as in some remote areas.

Thus the project will help to restore the balance in access to training and cover a broad geographical spread of users by means of an educational web / E-Toile /.

Built as a journey of many educational steps and taking place on several sites of the partner countries, this "flying" training will enable teachers and learners to benefit from a consistent and thematically structured training and update their knowledge.